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The Trackrun dates coming up are:

  • Saturday 18th November

  • Saturday 16th December

  • TBC January, 2024

  • Saturday 17th February, 2024


More dates will be scheduled early in 2024.

Event Schedule

Here is how Trackrun morning will unfold (approx times).

  • 9:00am - heat #1

  • 9:15am - heat #2

  • 9:30am - heat #3: Kids heat**

  • 9:45am - heat #4

  • 10:00am - heat #5

  • 10:15am - heat #6

** this is dedicated for kids (Primary aged and younger). Parents can join them for support, but only kids times will be recorded in this heat.

When you arrive there's no check-in - just come on down to the start line and we will slot you into the next heat to run. Each heat will have between 10-25 runners. If you like, bring a friend to join you in your heat.

Make sure you have your Trackrun Nbr tag so your result can be recorded - they will be published immediately after each heat is completed.

When You Arrive

Trackrun map.jpg


At the track there are toilets, drink tap, car park, bike park, seats, public transport nearby, green grass, tall trees, parks, serenity, running track and more.


Registration for Trackrun is a once-only activity. You can register up until the heat start time on the morning of each Trackrun event.

You will receive an email confirmation that will include your unique Trackrun Bib Nbr to use at every Trackrun event you do. Remember what your number is!!

At your first Trackrun you will receive a tag to keep with your Trackrun Bib Nbr on it - bring it to every Trackrun event you run at.

Stay Up-To-Date

Follow our Facebook page at to keep up-to-date with event, photos, news and more.

If you have any questions please use the Contact form below and we'll reply as soon as we can.

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